Jennifer will be attending/presenting at the following educational events and conferences:


American School of Bombay’s Biennial Conference February 22 – 24, 2018 Mumbai, India
  • #1: From Awareness to Action: Moving Students from Global Competency to Global Leadership

    Global awareness is an important part of any 21st century educational program, offering students a lens on the perspectives and experiences of people around the world. However, just becoming aware without a chance to act on new knowledge can lead students to feel disenfranchised and powerless in the face of our biggest global challenges. Global citizenship programs founded in student-centered practices that emphasize advocacy and participation provide students with a way to act on the basis of their learning, which also helps them envision how a life of purpose and leadership might be crafted. This workshop will provide participants with tools for moving students from awareness to appropriate action, both locally and globally, and for fostering and assessing students’ global leadership skills. We will also explore how to establish partnerships for learning, to help build collaborative thinking and multilateral change making.

    #2: The Partnership Continuum: Building Global (and Local) Partnerships that Work

    More and more teachers across the K-12 spectrum are looking for global partnerships for their students, ideally with classrooms in other parts of the world that are interested in collaborative learning. This session will explore a variety of strategies for finding global partners, for developing collaborative learning experiences which are equitable and foster proficiency in academic standards, and for building the kinds of deep relationships which help humanize the world for students and foster the kinds of intercultural skills they will need to become leaders of constructive change. We will explore a range of global and local partnership approaches, from the simplest to the most complex, and partnership examples will include ES, MS and HS level experiences. We will also explore existing partnership programs and platforms, several of which reduce the work for teachers through partnership networks, “crowd-sourcing” global opinions, and video conference events.