• Project Based Learning geared toward solution building, social action, self-expression, effective cross-cultural dialogue, collaboration, and the exploration of cultural and personal identity.
  • Resources that include web-based curriculum and professional development geared directly towards the needs of teachers, bringing the world into classrooms and classrooms into the world.
  • International Collaborations & Travel program development, including international home stay and service projects. Scholarship development for equity of opportunity to go abroad. 
  • Networking with other global educators, providing practical partnerships with global educational organizations and inspiring creative avenues for teaching controversial global topics. 
  • Curriculum and Professional Development that gives teachers practical methodologies for the global enrichment of their courses (K-12), and evaluation strategies which ensure authentic cross-cultural experiences.
  • Integration of global issues across the curriculum, school-wide international event planning, and support for mainstreaming global topics across all grade levels and disciplines.
  • Pedagogies that help your students build critical thinking and problem-solving skills through interactions with global issues and the perspectives of people experiencing them.
  • Leadership Strategies that help students find constructive avenues for responding to global conflict, simultaneously developing their cross-cultural competency as 21st Century thinkers and learners.
  • E-Technologies that use social networking and digital video conferencing to connect directly connect students with other young people in the world. 
  • Diversity and Pluralism that develop students’ ability to hear and honor the needs of others. Global education moves students beyond tolerance to authentic understanding and compassion for the experience of others.