Exit Ticket Reflections and Photos from Jennifer’s Workshops

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Testimonials for Jennifer D. Klein

“Jennifer D. Klein is an educator who empathizes with students, teachers and citizens of the world.  Jennifer puts action to her pedagogy and ‘best practices’ in teaching.  She is an educator for all seasons, places, and constituencies.”
Betsey Coleman
English Department Chair,  Colorado Academy

“Jennifer D. Klein is a master teacher and presenter.  Her ability to get both adults and students to understand the complexity and dire importance of global issues is unsurpassed.  All who hear her speak will be intellectually and emotionally moved.” 
Pete Sniegowski
English Department Chair, St. Mary’s Academy

“Problem-based learning goes hand in hand with global educational goals. In the Problem Based Learning class I took with Jennifer D. Klein through TIGed, I was exposed to best practices in global education and helpful examples of problem-based assessments that integrated technology to help bring the world closer together through curriculum design. Student-led initiatives and student media projects were highlighted as well as benchmarks to use as rubrics. This course was a good overview of a lot of the issues surrounding global education and helped make the general more specific, so I could implement ideas right away.”  
Lauren Ramos
Math Teacher, Chadwick School

“Jennifer D. Klein and the World Leadership School have been instrumental in furthering my own understanding of the world around us, particularly through connections in Costa Rica, Palestine and Germany. These connections have been intertwined in both my economics and international business courses, providing students with greater insights into the global economy.” 
David Suchanek
Civics, History & Guidance, Appleby College

Testimonials from Jennifer’s Workshops

“This is quite possibly the best PD that I have had the opportunity to be involved in!”

 “First valuable professional development experience I’ve ever had. Thank you for implementing best teaching practices, for treating us like the educated adults that we are, and for making this a purposeful learning experience, and not just the illusion of a learning experience.” 

“What an excellent speaker–so engaging, articulate, clear, humorous, and intelligent! Jennifer was very helpful when I was struggling, and so positive and reinforcing when we took risks to share and engage.”

“Jennifer is a mindful and caring presenter. Many of her practices are deliverable and still have the space for a wide range of learners’ voices.”

“Jennifer was engaging and informative, and very enthusiastic. She offered an excellent representation of the content for a diverse audience. Well done!”

“Great facilitator, very practical workshop. Jennifer provided us with a process that we can share with our district.”

“I really liked how Jennifer gave such positive comments when we shared ideas or answer questions. It just opened the whole group to participate in all group discussions.”