A Photographic Opportunity in #GlobalEd?



I recently discovered the “360Cities” project online; in this fascinating project and application, people are taking 360 degree photos around the world and are uploading them into a common space.  Once loaded, viewers on a web browser can use keystrokes to explore the image in all directions, and the mobile app actually has motion sensors which allow you to feel you’re inside of the photograph.  The mobile app also walks participants through photographing a 360 degree image, which makes it ideal for schools with iPads and other mobile technologies in use to contribute their own photos.  Students can also search for photos via an integrated mapping tool, based on the places they’re studying in school–check out this photo, for example, taken inside Notre Dame in Paris (when viewed on the mobile app, you can actually look up and down as well).

While most of the photos posted so far are by adult photographers and tourists, I see great educational potential here–what if teachers around the world had their students adding photos to 360Cities?  Talk about constructing knowledge–I can only imagine the kinds of vibrant images we might see from students all over the globe.  For $1.99, this app is a worthwhile addition to any global educator’s toolbox.